Selecting an engagement ring that best captures your love for your partner is a once in a lifetime experience. Unsurprisingly, many people will tell you that they found the process overwhelming considering the importance of the decision at hand. We understand that walking into a jewellery store can feel like walking into a maze for many people not accustomed to buying jewellery.

And when you break it down there are many important questions you have like, how much should I spend? How big should the diamond be? Which style should I choose? No wonder the experience can be stressful. With that said, we have put together some simple steps to follow to assist with the purchase. 

1. Set your budget

 The recent release of My Wedding Australia’s “Cost of Love” survey revealed that couples spend on average $6,143 on an engagement ring. This value can vary notably, but what’s more important to consider is your individual financial position. Compromising on certain features can bring you within your budget whilst allowing you to keep a certain style or “must have” in your ring selection.

2. Do your research

Keep yourself informed so you are asking jewellers the right questions. Work with a jeweller that’s happy to answer your questions and is highly knowledgeable about their products. To fast track your basic knowledge, know the 4C’s as they will quickly bring you up to speed in understanding diamonds. For more information on these read our ring selection guide here.  

3. Find the right style

Getting any hints? Couples tend to have talked about marriage in their relationship at certain points. Quite often these discussions reveal styles and ring designs that appeal to your partner. Consider her taste and her lifestyle. Also consider reaching out to a close friend who may be able to help point you in the right direction. Asking a ton of questions in a short time can reveal the surprise!

4. Don’t forget shape

Shape popularity will generally have a large influence in the purchasing decision. Round cuts tend to be the most popular followed the Pear shape, square and rectangular cuts. Trends aside, the shape should definitely reflect your partner’s style as the shape of the diamond reflects the type of woman wearing it.

5. Selecting the band metal colour


18kt White Gold and Platinum are beautiful metals and is the most popular choice for diamond engagement rings. Due to these metals being white, the brightness of the diamonds in the ring is further enhanced. 18kt Yellow Gold is also a common choice for women who prefer the traditional look. In recent times 18kt Rose Gold has also been gaining popularity.

6. Buying for a non-traditional partner

A modern partner may wish to have a ring that embraces their individuality and fit it within the ring design itself. For something different, look at designs outside the “Classic” and “Timeless” range. In addition to that, adding sapphires and rubies can go a long way to creating the perfect engagement ring for your partner. 

7. Avoid getting ripped off


Ensure your jeweller has the credentials and a positive review history to ensure you are dealing with somebody that knows what they are talking about otherwise risk paying too much for a ring that is low in quality. Ask to see GIA certified diamonds along with industry association memberships such as the JAA (Jeweller’s Association of Australia) and GAA (Gemmological Association of Australia).

We highly recommend reviewing the jeweller’s Google Reviews and social media pages to ensure they have a track record of consistently producing great results for their clients. 

8. Ring size

If your partner already has rings that they wear then use that as the guide for size. Simply match it against the sizing chart here or bring the ring in store to get the ring size matched up. 

9. Buy online

Buying the engagement ring online will save you money. Only deal with jewellers that offer money back guarantees and diamond price matching. This will minimise your risk and give you peace of mind.

10. Insurance

Ring insurance is surprisingly cheap and will normally be between 1-2% of the of the appraisal value. For peace of mind, insuring the engagement ring is a safe bet.

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