Our top 5 gifts to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day

Our top 5 gifts to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day

because we’re all about self love!

Self love is trending and it’s time to remind yourself that you’re totally worth it.

Whether you’re in a relationship, still looking or wondering if your latest love interest will surprise you with the chocolates this Valentines Day, chances are you haven’t spoilt yourself in a while and what better time to do it than now? 

February is typically the month that we start to slack off on our New Year’s Resolutions, stop going to the gym because it was too hot that one day or start feeling stuck in a rut, wondering what you might achieve for the rest of the year. We forget about our daily achievements - heck, even making it to work on time three days in a row was an achievement - and we start to put pressure on ourselves and our loved ones to make something of the year, starting NOW.

Those of us in a relationship start wondering whether our significant other might pop the question, or at the very least, send flowers, whilst the rest of us currently floating through singledom wonder whether we might meet Mr. or Miss Right just in time for Feb 14. TOO. MUCH. PRESSURE.

Instead, we’ve rounded up our favourite #selflove buys for Valentine’s Day because it’s time to remember how amazing you are. Plus, would your SO actually gift you something you’re going to love this much? We didn’t think so.

1. SH Jewellery Pear Shaped Sapphire and Diamond Halo Earrings

There’s no better way to feel good about YOU than to treat yourself to something stunning that doubles up as a gorgeous accessory to any date night or wedding outfit. Pear shaped gems are this year’s hottest trend and don’t even get us started on the craze that is sapphire right now. These little beauties will make your earlobes feel incredible and you’ll be oozing #girlboss all over.

Tiny pear shaped sapphire and diamond halo studs

2. Saint Belford Lifestyle Planner

It’s not too late to start getting organised, and we don’t just mean paying the bills and remembering your Aunty’s birthday. We’ll say it here first: Curation is the most amazing planner we’ve ever come across and we were more than happy to start fresh in Feb with this beauty and ditch the cute pocket diary we were using until now.

Our favourite features are the daily habit tracker tick boxes to encourage you to develop healthy habits that are oh-so-fulfilling to see fill up and the weekly Mission Planning that lets you set small steps in order to achieve your bigger goals.

3. Bella Scoop 24k Gold Collagen Eye Mask

Our Self Love Favourite 5 wouldn’t be complete without something to pamper yourself with and we couldn’t think of anything better than these 24K gold rejuvenating eye masks. Gold has long been hailed as a game-changing skin treatment and when you add in collagen, aloe vera extract and hyaluronic acid in these beauties, you’ve got yourself 30 minutes of ‘Me Time’ that lasts well beyond when you remove them.


4. SH Jewellery 18K Rose Gold Pave Set Diamond Band

On the topic of gold, we really cannot go past this gorgeous, and very affordable 18K rose gold diamond band. Nothing really compares to the feeling you get when it comes to gifting yourself some stunning jewellery and especially in the form of a row of diamonds sitting pretty on your finger, reminding you with every sparkle that you’re worth it. Treat yourself for Valentine’s Day or as a congratulations on achieving a goal. Our recommendation? Size up and wear it on your middle finger or thumb for an extra boost of style cred without the ‘married’ vibe.

5. Amity Creative Blind Date with a Book Package

If you’re the kind of person who still loves a surprise, you can’t go past this little book and loose-leaf tea combo that comes wrapped and delivered with only a hint of the story you’ll find inside. All the books are pre-loved in excellent condition which feels like an extra little pat on your back for being sustainable, plus the stories come recommended from the people who have actually read them. And the best part? You get to choose from 10 different genres so you know you’re going to love the story that arrives.


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