Stacks are the New Black: 15 Best Selling Gold Stackable Rings

Stacks are the New Black: 15 Best Selling Gold Stackable Rings

Stackable rings have been a symbol of beauty and abundance for centuries, gaining traction in recent times with the advent of social media; a quick Instagram search for #stacksarethenewblack and you’ll understand why…

The endless combinations of metals, gemstone colours, setting types and fancy shapes make layering stackable rings a fun and creative form of self-expression for jewellery lovers of every generation.


Traditional Ring Stacking

Wedded women are well acquainted with the practice of ring stacking, having carefully matched their wedding bands to their engagement rings to create a cohesive combo worn together on their wedding ring finger.

This duo is often added to on wedding anniversaries and birthdays, when a stackable band is gifted to be worn on either side of the engagement ring to further enhance its sparkle.


Contemporary Ring Stacking

Ring stacking is by no means limited to engagement rings and women’s wedding bands, so don’t wait for your big day to experiment with this fashion-forward jewellery trend that creates a dramatic layered effect on any finger, for any occasion!


 Best Selling 18kt Gold Stackable Rings

All SH Jewellery stackable rings under $3,000 are available with Afterpay, and all diamond rings over $3,000 can be purchased with ZipMoney. Shop online and start stacking today with free delivery and 30-day returns, or visit us in-store to view hundreds of stackable rings exclusively available at SH Jewellery.

Marquise Panel Stackable Ring With Milgrain Edging

 Milgrain detailing around grain-set diamonds adds a vintage influence to this distinctly shaped stackable ring, best worn between two straight diamond bands of the same metal colour for maximum effect.


Baguette Cut & Pavé-Set Diamond Stackable Ring

A micro-set Baguette flanked by 16 Round Brilliants makes for a stunning stack of sparkle when repeated with identical rings of different metals. Purchase individually, or as a trio in our Modern Tri Gold Three-Ring Stacker Set.


Geometric Diamond Stackable Ring

Featuring alternating pave-set diamond panels and polished links with channel-set centres, this geometrically intricate design pairs well with Timeless Engagement Rings, or stacked between two thin identical pavé-set bands.


Rose Gold Slim Beaded Stackable Ring

This ultrafine 1.5mm width micro beaded band is ideally worn as a spacer between larger stackable rings, adding texture and shape to a deck of otherwise straight bands. It can also be worn in a beaded trio of identical rings featuring yellow, white and rose gold.


Modern Tri Gold Three Ring Ball Stacker Set

With alternating gold spheres and bezel-set diamonds in milgrain detailing, this dress ring stacker set is an elegantly contrasted masterpiece of sparkle and polish. 


3-Claw Diamond Orbit Band

Tightly placed prong-set diamonds advance across the finger in this stackable ring to create an illusion of movement. Aptly named, this orbit band twinkles intensely between two pavé-set bands, or in a deck of three identical orbit rings stacked in opposing directions.


Crossover Bezel-Set Diamond Stackable Ring

This bezel-set beauty introduces a dynamic crossover effect to a collection of other distinctly shaped stackable rings. Mix’n’match styles, widths and metals for an eclectic display of diamond settings, or group it with similar bezel-set bands for a more cohesive feel.


Channel and Pavé-Set Stackable Ring

At 4.5mm wide, this broad stackable band contains 11 channel-set diamonds between two rows of fine pavé-set diamonds. With 3 rows of scintillating stones all of its own, it adds an instant layered effect to a deck of other glistening gold stackable rings.


Vintage Baguette and Round Channel-Set Stackable Ring With Milgrain Edging

With alternating round and rectangular diamonds encased in milgrain edging, this bezel-set stackable ring is guaranteed to attract compliments between two plain gold bands or thin pave-set pretties that won’t overshadow its intricate detail and edgy baguettes.


Pavé-Set Women's Diamond Stackable Ring

A thin 2mm pavé-set band makes this 18kt rose gold ring perfect for stacking either side of a heart-shaped engagement ring.


Pavé-Set Contoured Thin Width Stackable Rings

Mimicking the gentle curves of the natural world, from rolling waves and dancing sand dunes to delicate rose petals and the female physique, these contoured stackable rings form a powerful expression of femininity when worn together in a set of three.


Rose Gold Pavé-Set Black Diamond Stackable Band

The dramatic combination of rose gold and black diamonds in this unique stackable ring makes it a contemporary favourite amongst Millennials. With coloured diamonds gaining popularity among our younger customers, expect to see more of this rare colour combo in our new releases!


Baguette Panel Stackable Ring with Twin Spacing Diamonds

 Stark contrast to Round Brilliant diamonds made Baguette Cuts a welcome newcomer to the jewellery scene when they emerged during the Art Deco and Art Nuevo period, around the 1920s to 1930s. Bold lines intercepted by gentle curves make this stackable ring a striking addition to any deck of diamonds.


Curved Pavé-Set Thin Width Stackable Band

Designed with a central peak to accent solitaire engagement rings, these slim pavé-set stackable wedding rings can also be worn as a trio, creating a rainbow of colours for accessorising with other affordable fine jewellery under $2,000.


Channel-Set Women's Gold Stackable Rings

Our wide 3.0mm channel-set stackable bands are well protected from accidental knocks and bumps, with polished outer rails slightly overlapping the edge of the diamonds. Worn as a wedding band paired with a modern engagement ring or stacked between two floating diamond band designs, they offer a substantial gold feel offset by a scintillating string of world class diamonds.


How to Size Stackable Rings

When wearing 2 or 3 stackable rings, the ring size can typically remain the same for each ring - a size that slides over your knuckle without too much force and sits comfortably on the base of your finger with enough skin contact to prevent it from spinning freely.

When wearing 4 or more rings on the same finger, it can be a good idea to move up a size in all rings. This is because the rings can collectively compact the tissue in the finger, causing it to bulge at the top or bottom of the stack, making your usual size feel tighter than normal.

Get Help With Stackable Ring Sizing

To find your stackable ring size, we recommend visiting our Springvale store just 30 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD where our experienced Diamond & Jewellery Specialists can assist you in person.

Alternatively, you can purchase our ring sizer tool online for $35 and we’ll donate $10 from the cost to our giving partner,  i=Change.

You can also try our free printable ring sizer tool and slide an existing ring over the circles to find your ideal ring size.

Happy stacking!